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“Be thankful always... the best is on it’s way!” -Theo Stephens.

  • The Art of Junk-Mail

The Back Story

The Art of Junk-Mail

"I came home one day to find all my mail discarded on the side-walk, due to ‘thousands’ of junk-mail flyers having been pushed into my mail-box. As I tore all the flyers into hundreds of small pieces, I discovered an incredible piece of art was forming. That night I started to paste a huge collage of the pieces together which became the first “The Art of Junk Mail.” It’s amazing that from something I was going to throw out as bad junk-mail, turned out to be something of beauty!" - Theo Stephens.

The poster is also signed by Theo and measures: 594 X 841 mm

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A flat charge of $9 per order is applied at checkout, and payments are processed securely via Paypal (you can use your Paypal account, Visa or Mastercard). The poster is currently only for sale within Australia.