Theo Stephens


“ART alongside filmmaking satisfies my need not only to use my imagination and create but to learn and grow.

It all begins with having enthusiasm from a single thought.

Excitedly, you struggle mentally and emotionally with the inspiration within. Trying to find a way to turn an artistic idea into reality, whether it’s on film, canvas or the potter’s wheel. In my life, I’ve found these forms of expression all empowering.

My enthusiasm for art is hard to translate into a language we know as ‘words’ – my work can best be described as “Abstract Expressionism.” It’s a matter of enjoying the experience of each and every creative moment.” - Theo Stephens

A small example of Theo Stephens’ artwork below. Click on thumbnails to view. 

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Sydney Harbour - by Theo Stephens
"Selfie: Theo Stephens" NSW Art Gallery Archibald entry 2014
Lidded canister with textured surface.
Wheel thrown bowl with cut-away decoration.
Bowl with low fired glaze
Mould draped platter with oxide decoration.
Canister with cork, glazed with deep blue gloss
Wheel thrown with collaring
Fruit bowl with draping technique
Milk jug with pulled handle & wax resist motif
Matching wheel thrown vases
Abstract vase with high white gloss glaze
Free form shape
Stoneware vase
Japanese inspired wheel thrown bowl with bamboo handle
Wheel thrown plant holder
Wheel thrown vase
Vase in gloss glaze
Sugar canister with lid
Stoneware casserole dish
Bisque fired fruit-bowl with paddled sides
Free-form shaped vase bisque fired
Wheel thrown candle holder
Wheel thrown vase
Plate decorated with manganese dioxide
Water jug with pulled handle
Pewter glazed canister with lid
Sculptured form made by combination of techniques
Terra-cotta bisque fired bowl
The Magnificence of God’s Land (Wynne Art Competition entrant). Size 91.5cm X 122cm. Acrylic on Canvas.
A Day at the Beach - by Theo Stephens 2015
Yellow Bamboo in Lounge Room
Big Tom. Size 91.5cm x 122cm. Acrylic on Canvas.
Fragile: Evergreen
Going Home. Size 50cm x 68cm. Acrylic on paper.
Higher Ground. Acrylic on Paper.
Highrise. Size 76.5cm x 56.5cm. Acrylic on Paper.
Water Lillies at Midnight
Ceramic plate with Goldfish design by Theo Stephens 2015.
Ceramic platter with blue design by Theo Stephens 2015.
Variety of 'Tenmoku + Jun' glazed, wheel-thrown bowls
Bisque fired pottery
Theo Stephens in the Pottery Studio
Today is a great day to Paint!
"Dear Theo" by Vincent Van Gogh
Handmade Platter with filigree & sgraffito design by Theo Stephens.
Line by Line. Theo Stephens 2014. Mixed Media Collage on Canvas.
New York in Blue. Photographed by Theo Stephens.
Four Flowers Pink. Acrylic on Canvas. 71cm X 101cm
"Creating the Dream" Acrylic on board. Smash Hits Exhibition 2007. Theo Stephens.
"Red Geo" Acrylic on board. 2013
The Sound of Adrenaline. Acrylic on paper framed. 2013.
Philip: A lover of horses
The Art of Theo Stephens
"Selfie: Theo Stephens" Entered in the Archibald Prize 2014
"Blizzard" Acrylic on canvas. Theo Stephens.
"Symphony in blue" Entered in the Wynne Art Prize 2014 (150cm x 170cm)
Weaving. Acrylic on Canvas. Entered in the Mosman Art Prize 2013.
Bernache. Acrylic on canvas.
Six Flowers Crimson. Acrylic on canvas. Theo Stephens. 2013.
"Blue Geo" Acrylic on canvas. 2013.
"Tracks" (dyptich). Acrylic on canvas. Theo Stephens.
"Line-2 Turqouise." Acrylic on canvas. Theo Stephens.
The Jewel of a Crown. Acrylic on Canvas. 77cm X 101cm
"Red Dots" Theo Stephens. 2013.
"Waiting in the wings" Acrylic on canvas.
Truth Light Simplicity
Sydney to Hobart - by Theo Stephens 2015
Theo Stephens Self Potrait (Archibald Art Competition entrant). Size 91.5cm x 122cm. Acrylic on Paper.
The Art of Junk Mail No:2
"The Red Rock" by Theo Stephens.
The Silence in the Moment. Theo Stephens 2013. Acrylic on Canvas.
Yellow Bamboo. Theo Stephens 2013. Acrylic on Canvas.